10 POWERFUL Hip Mobility Exercises For Fast Results

hip mobility pelvis modelJust a quick post today to address hip mobility.



If you or your clients suffer from lower body injuries there’s typically ONE reason why this is happening…



…Most nagging injuries involving the lower body are caused by muscle imbalances at the hips.


But, it doesn’t stop there.



An important thing to keep in mind is that everything in our bodies are related which means if the hips are affected so is everything above and below to some degree.



That means a growing list of injuries to the knees, feet, ankles, low back, shoulders or neck if the imbalances at the hips are not properly addressed.



So, I shot this video to share 10 powerful hip mobility exercises you can use to get your clients moving & feeling better quickly.



Learn how to help your clients quickly overcome chronic pain and injuries

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  • AndreaNo Gravatar:

    EXCELLLENT< EXCELLENT!! I have a personal trainer, who's trying to help me with these things, but he never catches my wrong forms, or gives me a way to know how to evaluate my own form when I'm at home. At times, he doesn't even tell me which muscle should be firing. I would love to have you as a trainer!

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